Mission Statement:

We’re a team of straight shootin’, communicatin’ hard workers opening doors of opportunity… We just happen to manage property.

We manage yer properties!

Do you have property you hafta manage and yer ready to start enjoying yer days going’ fishin’ instead? Then we’re the guys fer you! (Redneck Property – Property Management OKC) We got all the fancy computers and software it takes, and the “know how” to show you how efficient and profitable you can be without liftin’ a finger.

We kater to investors!

We’re yer guys in real estate. And we love what we do. Take a look at some of our before and afters and read our testimonials to see just how seriously we take our werk. We got a lotta integrity and werk real hard to make sure you are thrilled with us every day, all the time. When ya think property management in and around OKC, think Redneck Property.

We buy & sell houses!

As licensed realtors, we’re always out there shoppin’ and findin’ great values and presentin’ sound investment properties to our clients. We work all the time and don’t mind it a bit. We sure luv what we do!

Property Management OKC

Folks That Like Us!

We have been tenants of Redneck Property for almost three years now and could not be more pleased with our rental experience. Throughout this time we have had several small and large repairs to the house and each time they have been handled in a timely manor with professional care. Thank you for running your business and construction crews with integrity. Also, thank you for making our rental house feel like a home.”

Travis & OliviaTenants

As a real estate investor, Redneck Property has become one stop shopping in meeting my real estate investment needs.  They help me buy and sell real estate as well as manage my rental properties.  Redneck Property has become a turn-key partner in my real estate investment business.


I highly recommend Redneck Property. I recently had several miscellaneous projects and repairs around my house that needed done. They were very prompt, reasonable and honest. They determined that one repair item was not necessary, brought it to my attention then lowered the amount I owed them. You will want to put Redneck Property into your permanent contact list!


Redneck Property is a pleasure to work with. We love how they are able to customize their services to meet our rental needs. Our rental property is renting hassle free since they started managing it. It’s refreshing to do business with a company that continues quality service after a property is rented! My wife and I highly recommend you use Redneck Property!

Roman & BethOwners

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